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Actionable learning

Our learning interventions have benefited customers in achieving their business goals through immersive, interactive and actionable learning solutions.

Our learning interventions have benefited customers in achieving their business goals through immersive, interactive and actionable learning solutions.

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Blended Learning Solutions

Flexible, effective and versatile learning methodologies

Learning Solutions For Every Segment of Your Business

Employee Onboarding
Employee Development
Product Training
Process Training
Customer Training
Partner Training
Sales Training
Compliance Training


Our services include various strategies designed to help optimise workplace efficiency and communication, as well as self-help training, behavioural techniques and other tools designed to maximize executive performance

Digital Learning Services

Access a comprehensive suite of digital learning solutions, including custom content, off-the-shelf e-learning modules, interactive videos and gamified content.

Custom Content

Custom developed eLearning modules help organisations to achieve their goals through employee engagement and productivity. We use latest technologies and frameworks to create interactive and immersive learning experiences.

Video Based Learning

Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read an document. Leverage the power of video-based learning to ignite interest, enhance content absorption, simplify challenging topics and train your employees for effective training outcomes.

Off the Shelf

Boost skills, improve performance, and increase productivity of your employees with our cost-effective off-the-shelf eLearning content created by experienced L&D professionals. Choose from over 80 modules available in our course library.

Game Based Learning

Transform your learning content into an immersive and interactive learning using the principles of Game. We combine our expertise in game-based instructional design and visual design to create immersive, engaging and memorable game-based learning solutions.

Experiential Learning

Unique in its approach, experiential intervention is all about using ‘experiences’ as a tool to enhance the learning process of employees in your organisation.

Instructor-Led Training

We pride in being facilitators in the learning process – instead of instructing participants to perform certain tasks, we embrace their prior knowledge, learning style, and motivate them to take charge of their learning.

Outbound Training

Individuals true behaviour comes out while they are put into a casual environment.
Our OBT includes outdoor, adventure, team building activities that engage participants to bring out the desired learning outcomes.

LearningPin (LMS)

LearningPin is a cloud based enterprise LMS designed to accelerate the orientation and learning process of the employees in your organisation.
Web / Mobile app
Customised interface
Interactive learning
Gamified environment
Blended learning
Customised reports

Off-the-Shelf Modules

Choose from over 80 modules on various topics curated to the learning need of the today's workforce. These modules are SCORM 1.2 compliant.


Assertive Communication

Learn effective assertive communication techniques to effectively express your point of view in any situation.


Customer Centricity

Learn the principles of customer centricity and how to implement it in your organisation to improve customer satisfaction.


POSH - Employee Awareness

Educate your employees on the laws and policies related to preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

MS Office

Excel - Basic to Advanced

Gain the ability to perform complex data analysis, create professional spreadsheets and use advanced features.



Learn the principles of 5S and how to implement it in your workplace to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.


Cyber Security

Learn the fundamentals of cyber security and gain the knowledge to protect your organisation from cyber-attacks and threats.


Fraud Awareness

This course is intended to raise awareness of your organisation’s fraud risk management policy and assist you in performing your role in preventing it


Perfromance Counselling

Learn how to provide performance counselling effectively and help employees improve their performance


First Time Manager I & II

Learn the essential skills and best practices for first-time managers and gain the confidence to lead and manage a team effectively.


Our Methodology

We believe that learning cannot be a stand-alone event, rather it is a part of continuous process alike how you do business altogether. We carefully design the process for the organisations to achieve the requisite skills and behaviours, ensuring that learning sticks and is actionable to get tangible results.


The objective of the activity is created in alignment with organisation business goals


Craft an intervention which is pertinent to the culture, goals, requirements, and objectives of your organisation.

Integrated Interventions

Our interventions are crafted to meet not only your organisation’s specific needs but also that of your employees.


Our strategies help to bring the learning into action. We provide support to implement the learnings seamlessly.


Our post training assessment measure the impact of the learnings on your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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It was great pleasure for us to get associated with K2B Learning for developing HCG E-learning module for HMSI. After the introduction of this module in HMSI, we have received appreciation from many users. This module was delivered to us as per our expectations and the inputs you have provided during development were commendable.

Jitendra Singhal
Division Head - Internal Audit
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Our sales team has really appreciated the "off-the-shelf eLearning modules" offered by K2B Learning. Personally as their trainer & coach, I would commend your courses for being light on resources, quite focused on business scenarios and agile with optimum duration / content / practice.

Hemant Nautiyal
Training Manager & CBS Coach
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The program was perceived very well with the participants and they are extremely satisfied with the delivery method and the concepts discussed. Thanks for a wonderful workshop, look forward to continue to work in the future.

Learning & Development Consultant
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I had a great opportunity to attend training program on leadership delivered by K2B. The trainer’s knowledge on coaching and motivation is excellent. It was a great learning experience. Content and activities were very much related to the objective of the session.

Naveen Kumar
Chief Engineer
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