challenge status quo with our experiential interventions

Our hands-on experiential learning programs enhance and develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. It nurtures the personal and intra-group relations thus creating high-performing teams.

Benefits of the customised outbound training programs conducted by us

Increased motivation
Increased productivity
Leadership skills
Synergies within and among teams
Out-of-the box thinking
Effective communication

Our Experiential Learning Interventions

Business Simulation

Business simulations make for significant L&D tools to help develop strategic alignment and capabilities. They enable participants to experience new strategies and practice new skills in potential real-life scenarios. By creating tailor-made strategies for companies, leaders and managers can better understand and apply these skills, when faced with a crisis or a high-pressure situation.


Theatre works on the principle of reflective learning. This is an out-of-the-box methodology that helps participants to reflect/introspect on their behaviours and drives them to do better.Through extensive experience of creating customised training workshops for our partners, we enables organisations to introduce special events and sessions for their employees, that not just impart knowledge and skills, but also foster team building.

Adventure-based learning

Adventure-based learning is all about adventure and high-adrenaline activities. Get set to enhance individual and team behaviours, and boost organisational performance through outdoor activities and experiential learning methodology. We believe in delivering impactful corporate outbound training programs tailor-made for your business, which is the key to develop a strong, effective, and high-performance team.

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