create problem solving and critical Thinking skills with Game Based Learning


employees say gamification makes them more productive at work


of employees say that gamification motivates them to work harder


of employees say gamified training increased their productivity
Make learning actionable with Game Based Learning
We use proven research to gamify your learning content with immersive and engaging elements which empower your employees with essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, decision making. This motivate them to learn quickly and implement learning in their day to day work.

Why you should have Game Based Learning as part of your employee training?

Competitive Environment
Gamification create a competitive environment where learner compete to gain points, position and completion goals.
Critical Thinking
Solving challenges involve critical thinking and problem solving skills which engages learner.
Learners are motivated to solve challenges, earn points and every win motivates them to face more challenges.
Knowledge Retention
Interactivity, engagement and problem solving helps learners to grasp knowledge deeply than the regular content consumption.
Decision Making
Every micro decision made during completion of the modules help in their decision making capability at workplace.
Improves Training ROI
Due to immersive nature of learning, game based learning have much more ROI than other form of learning content.

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We offer integration of game-based learning into our comprehensive e-learning solutions. We combines our deep expertise in game-based instructional design and visual design to create immersive, engaging and memorable game-based learning solutions.

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