Top Six Reasons Why Organisations Should Comply with Workplace Sexual Harassment Act, 2013

Gaurav Mann
18 Feb 2022
5 min read
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Here are six reasons organisations should comply with workplace sexual harassment act, 2013:

  1. Given the outreach of social and other forms of media a correct implementation of the act in letter and spirit can protect the brand image.
  2. Safe working environment leads to greater productivity and profitability for organisation.
  3. Creates a positive environment and reduces anxiety in the workplace.
  4. Non compliance of the act can result in loss of reputation for top management and massive financial losses for business enterprise. A high profile case involving head of India’s biggest environmental NGO has resulted in massive funding loss to the tune of several hundred crores.
  5. Non Compliance of the act can result in massive financial losses in form of aggrieved settlements.
  6. Non Compliance with the act can result in penal actions against organisations ranging from monetary fines of minimum INR 50,000 to even cancellation of business license.
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