Mobile Learning


The advancements in mobile technology and easy access to smartphones has enabled people to do almost everything on-the-go, whether it is keeping up with the latest updates, socializing, shopping or banking.

Mobile Learning or mLearning can address the challenges of an increasingly global and technologically savvy workforce by leveraging the strength of mobile into learning and is poised to become the future of workplace learning.

Learning is a continuous process and mLearning acts as an add-on facilitator. Through mobile, customized content can be brought to the fingertips of the learner for easy access. It becomes possible to expand out of formal structures of scheduled learning and transcend into an informal, self-paced and controlled method. Doing this enables the learner to select byte sized accessible content modules for learning on the go.

mLearning content can be adapted to suit and appeal to a large range of profiles. It can be easily expanded to:

  1. Mobile gaming
  2. Easy to Install and run apps and websites
  3. Mobile-friendly presentations and videos
  4. Tips and aids via SMS and MMS platform
  5. Learning via social media apps
  6. JIT (Just in Time) Learning

Given the speed of business today, and the growing pool of on-the-field staff, it has become necessary for organizations to tap into mLearning. At K2B, we understand that employees are any company’s biggest asset. Scheduling training sessions and organizing batches sometimes just isn’t a viable solution. Backed by extensive research into adult learning principles, K2B creates interesting and engaging mLearning modules that can be installed and accessed by your entire workforce anywhere, anytime.