Experiential Learning Intervention


The more effective way of learning is experimental learning!

Experiential learning is the one of the most sought-after learning technique since it appeals to the core adult learning principles. With experiential learning the learner gets to participate, analyse, experiment and learn.

This allows the learner to imbibe knowledge through experience and self-reflection. Rather than just reading course material, the learner takes part in activity oriented learning which helps in long term retention of the content.

We at K2B work on the 3i's (Innovative, Interactive and Interesting) approach and to deliver a range of engaging experiential learning solutions for our partners.

We employ a wide variety of experiential learning methodologies to suit a large range of target audience.

Outbound Learning methodology takes the participants away from their daily work environment and helps them to bring forth their real self. This works very well for team building and leadership interventions.

Business Simulations give the taste of real life challenges. They help participants learn while they face potential real-life scenarios..

Theatre works on the principle of reflective learning. This is an out of the box methodology for behavioural programs that helps participants to reflect/introspect on their behaviours and drives them to do better.

Through extensive experience of creating customized training workshops for our partners, K2B enables organizations to create special events and sessions for their employees that not only impart knowledge and skills, but also foster team building and leadership.