Blended Learning


The latest buzzword in training and development, Blended Learning employs the best of traditional methods of instructor led training along with the latest technology driven teaching methodologies. It utilizes a mix of classroom and curriculum based course content and powers it through easily accessible media such as mobile and web.

Each learner has a unique personality and learns with a varied pace and different understanding level. This is where the biggest strength of Blended Learning comes into play. Blended learning lends an opportunity to an instructional designer to leverage from both the strength of him/her as a trainer and the effectiveness of technology that leaves a deeper impact on the learner.

With the introduction of technology and evolution of instructional media, there is a paradigm shift in the process of learning and development. The delivery of training modules is not the same as it was 5 years ago. It has now turned into a more learner friendly, open, interactive and meaningful learning environment.

Blended learning is a mix of methodologies put together under one roof in single training program capsule. It enables organizations to make use of all available media/forms of content to deliver appropriate learning solutions for their employees and helps achieve business goals. These activities create new form of learning and teaching, and shift the focus of control from the teacher to the learner.

At K2B we work with our partners to develop an appropriate mix of learning solutions for the respective target audience to achieve the business objective of our clients. This increases individualization, personalization, elasticity and relevancy in both synchronous and asynchronous training.