The First Wave Services

TheFirstWave provides turnkey consulting and solutions for effective implementation of the Act in Indian Workplaces. We assist in the formulation of a Sexual Harassment Policy and compliment it by providing employee training and sensitization. We help educate employees and promote healthy discussions around the topic.

Effective communication of the policy plays an important role in preventing sexual harassment at workplace. It is important to design creatives which can deliver the desired message. K2B creates informative collaterals which can help your employees understand the needs and requirements of POSH policies in a detailed manner.

We render special advisory services for situations which require an eye for detail and a vast understanding of the subject matter. Our POSH related services include:p

Compliance Consultancy

  1. Policy level and government engagements
  2. Development of Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Policy
  3. Service Rules Policies (inclusion, exclusion and HRMS integration)
  4. Redressal and Compensation Policies
  5. Development of Exception Policies and Procedures
  6. Constitution and Terms of Reference for Internal Complaints Committee
  7. Facilitating with the Constituent member of ICC
  8. Employee Rights and Responsibility Policies and Legal Disclaimers

Systems Management Consultancy

  1. IT based Complaints Management System
  2. Investigation, forensics and complaints management support systems
  3. Annual statutory filings ( systems and templates)
  4. MIS and Knowledge Management Support System
  5. Incidence Profiling and Trigger Systems
  6. Litigation and Legal Support

Training & Awareness Programs

  1. Employee Sensitization
  2. Instructor Led Discussions & Talks
  3. Technology Based Learning Programs (with knowledge assessments)
  4. Technology Based Reinforcement Programs (with knowledge assessments)
  5. Capacity Building
  6. Mentoring sessions for Key Management
  7. Mentoring sessions for Internal Complaints Committee

Special Advisory Services

  1. Advisory services in incidents of Workplace Sexual Harassment
  2. Advisory in High Profile Incidents
  3. Special Mentoring Sessions for identified audience
  4. Mentoring sessions for complainants

Collateral Development

  1. Employee Communication memos, e-mailers, posters, and other customized creatives
  2. A special tool kit (As a part of consultancy services) having templates/workplace audit sheets/sample formats/ communication and statutory submission sheets for the organisation.