Game Base Learning

Games are often rightfully considered the best digital medium for training and development. Game Based Learning goes beyond the one-way information flow that is inherent to other media such as video, text or animation and takes it to the next level with interactivity.

We offer integration of game based learning into our comprehensive learning solutions in multiple ways:

Interactive Games delivered via Flash and HTML5 attract and engage the audience and compel them to learn through problem solving techniques. Within the confines of a specially designed game environment, the learner steadily progresses towards the end target or goal. Mistakes are made in a risk-free setting. The actions that are chosen have clear impact and consequences. This encourages learning through experimentation and practice.

Gamification makes the learning process more fun by adding a layer of achievements and levels to the progress. The learner works at high pace to achieve higher scores in a game based version of the learning material. This changes the face of the learning process and makes it a fun self-driven activity rather than an assigned task.

At K2B, our team of experienced game designers and developers create engaging game based content to transform your training and development process into highly interactive and fun solutions that compel learners to enhance their skills and knowledge at a self-driven pace.