About TFW and POSH

TheFirstWave is our initiative to help India’s Workplaces and Employers in Prevention of Sexual Harassment. We provide consultancy on compliance with Women at Workplace Sexual Harassment (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

Our understanding of POSH Act backed by extensive research work makes us believe that the Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal Matrix of the POSH Act can be deployed effectively only if corporates have a deeper understanding of the same. In the current corporate milieu, the implementation of this law is viewed as only a compliance requirement and not something which demands cultural and procedural changes in the entire corporate setup. The Act mandates certain key legal requirements, activities, procedures and processes that need to be put in place for all organizations having 10 or more employees in order to provide safe working environment and thus proposes detailed requirements for workplaces in India.

In today’s corporate world, creating a harmonious and discrimination free work environment has become a prime responsibility of the employers. It becomes even more crucial when it comes to the safety of women at work place especially with reference to sexual harassment. Anybody who suffers from the same may or may not be able to voice what they are going through in the mask of losing their jobs, or are too embarrassed or scared to come forward. There could be another strong reason that the current HR systems and policies are not evolved enough to address this workplace issue. Keeping this in mind, our legal system has also introduced the ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act Dec 2013’. Therefore, as required by law it has become mandatory for Corporates to take steps to prevent and deal with workplace sexual harassment.

TheFirstWave is envisioned to facilitate corporates in bringing out change is the prevailing HR Systems, Policies and Processes complying with POSH Act. Our goal is to bring about the requisite cultural changes via continuous conditioning of minds through extensive awareness sessions. Our intent is to help organizations in creating and evolving a robust, strong and effective POSH organizational framework in line with the law.

The First Wave is about change, about awakening and about thinking ahead!